Trace Gillespie's IRON SEED Hot Sauce  

Howdy folks, I don't normally post about much other than music, but I simply had to tonight.  I met with owners of Iron Seed Hot Sauce last week and picked up a few bottles.  In short, it's absolutely incredible,  Just the right amount of heat without overdoing it and making the flavor of whatever i put it on come to life.  Do yourself a favor and seek this out.  Ask for it by name.  Hell I like it so much, I might start selling it here on the band website.  It's THAT GOOD.

Be safe out there, we'll see ya down the road. 


New Music Coming Fall of 2018 

Howdy folks,  we are delighted to announce that we have some new music under construction and expect to have the CD out by this fall.  I've been working with my bud, Jack Saunders, on several co-writes and we've got 10 songs mixed and mastered. We laid down drums by Rick Richards and Jack on bass this past weekend for the final 3 songs.  I couldn't be happier with the new project.  Stay tuned more more updates.  I've posted one of our newest songs, "Heart Set On You" at the bottom of this page for your listening pleasure. - Very best, d