She Likes Shoes "She Likes Shoes" is a song I actually got the idea for when I was sitting at McGonigel's Mucky Duck in Houston , TX . I had been dating a girl that really, really liked shoes. (Yeah... imagine that! As it turns out I'm finding that most women do.) The bartender asked me how things were going, and how my girlfriend was. I regretfully told him that we were no longer dating, and he asked me..."what's she like"? The first thing I could think of was SHOES! The bartender fires back... "that kind of says it all".
The next morning I pretty much made up the entire song you hear on the video while in the shower and scribbled it out on the mirror in dry erase marker. When it came time to pick the song for the music video, the entire team quickly voted that "Shoes" was an obvious choice. It provided the elements that make for the up beat not so serious story line of a girl that likes her fashion more than her fella.
The "Shoes" video was filmed over the course of 3 days in 7 different locations.
A HUGE thank you to all the masses that came out and participated in the filming.
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